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Chronic pain is a debilitating problem that may not be relieved with conventional medical options. If you live with debilitating pain, an intrathecal pump that delivers pain medication on a regular schedule may finally provide the relief you need. Melanie Rosenblatt, MD, at Pain Management Strategies in Boca Raton and Deerfield Beach, Florida, has years of experience successfully implanting intrathecal pain pumps. To learn whether you’re a good candidate, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Intrathecal Pump Q & A

What is an intrathecal pump?

An intrathecal pump is a specialized device that delivers pain-relieving medication directly to your spinal cord. When you suffer injury or disease, nerves near the source of the problem send signals through the spinal cord to your brain. You feel the pain after the brain receives and interprets those nerve signals.

When Dr. Rosenblatt implants an intrathecal pump, medication is delivered directly to the nerves in your spinal cord, which prevents nerve signals from reaching your brain. As a result, you get significant pain relief using a small amount of opioid medication. In many patients with chronic pain, an intrathecal pump gives them the ability to eliminate oral pain medications and avoid side effects.

How is an intrathecal pump implanted?

The pump is a small round device that holds medication. Dr. Rosenblatt implants the pump under the skin of your abdomen, then runs a flexible catheter from the pump to the targeted pain-causing nerves in your spinal cord. The catheter delivers the medication into the cerebrospinal fluid, which quickly provides pain relief.

Dr. Rosenblatt may program your pump to slowly release a consistent amount of medication or to release different amounts at various times of the day, based on your needs. When the pump is empty, it’s easily refilled by inserting a needle through your skin and into the top of the pump.

Am I a candidate for an intrathecal pump?

Dr. Rosenblatt determines whether you’re a good candidate for an intrathecal pump after reviewing your medical history and performing a thorough evaluation.

As a general guideline, you’ll need to meet these criteria:

  • Conservative therapies have failed to relieve your pain
  • You wouldn’t benefit from surgery
  • You’re not dependent on pain medication
  • You don’t have a health condition that prevents pump implantation
  • You’re not allergic to drugs used in the pump

Before an intrathecal pump is implanted, you’ll go through a trial to ensure the medication successfully relieves your pain. Your trial may consist of a single injection or multiple injections of medication over several days. Dr. Rosenblatt may also place a catheter in your spine and attach it to an external pump.

If you suffer from chronic pain, an intrathecal pump may provide the relief you need. Call Pain Management Strategies or schedule an appointment online today.

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